About Our Passion for Walking

At La Montaña we are passionate about the simple yet powerful human activity of walking.   Walking is not only good for physical health but it’s great for the mind too- proven to reduce stress and boost creativity.  It’s the perfect way to put body, mind and spirit in complete harmony.

Toby Clarke, founder of La Montaña and Walking Ibiza, is inspired by the results he sees when he shares this passion for walking with his guests.  “I love to see the transformation in a person when they come back from a walk,” he says. “Sometimes they don’t look like the same person as they did before they left.  Walking is such an easy and fast way to de-stress and reconnect with nature and with ourselves. It’s available to everyone, whatever their background or fitness level. In today’s modern world we’ve forgotten about the true power of walking but at La Montana we pride ourselves in reconnecting you with this simple, natural joy”

Toby was born and raised in Ibiza.  As a child his playground were the mountains of Ibiza.  His parents would ring an old school bell at dinner time and down from the mountains he would run.  Now, decades later, he is back on the mountain and eager to share his childhood paradise with visitors from all over the world.

With his expert knowledge of local trees, flowers, herbs, fruits and nuts  - it’s no surprise Toby’s walkers come back looking rejuvenated. Guests are encouraged to smell and pick the herbs and really connect with the land as he takes them on a journey into the islands rich history and hidden treasures.

Barefoot walking or ‘earthing’ is even more beneficial for health and is another exercise that Toby likes to encourage.  “This experience is a great way for guests to ground themselves and discharge excess energy, especially on arrival,”says Toby.  “After all, we are all just bundles of electricity and in this day and age we are too electrically charged because of our phones and gadgets.  When you walk barefoot this is neutralised into the Earth and you are rebalanced.”